Banksy’s Dismaland

by Cristian I

The “bemusement park”

Even though the park is closed now for some years, there is hope for the curious people who hadn’t had a chance to view it live.

And that is thanks to the virtual world.

In case you miss the Festival when it was first open in 2015 now you can find it on Youtube.

What was dismaland?

The amusement park was opened by the street artist Banksy, and it was constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.

The main attraction was a princess who died in a car crash and a rundown castle.

The “family theme park unsuitable for children” has been the attraction for over 150,000 visitors from all over the world.

And the incomes were big too, with over £20m in revenue.

Refugee shelters

After the show, Banksy’s Dismaland park was used to make shelters for refugees at a camp in northern France.

We wrote about the mystery regarding the artist’s name. Some believe it to be ROBIN GUNNINGHAM.

Below you can find some festival photos and the virtual tour.

Creator: Ben Birchall, Credit: PA Photos /Landov

Photo Copyrights:
Creator: Matthew Baker, Credit: Getty Images
Creator: Ben Birchall, Credit: PA Photos /Landov Video: 360 Thrill – Daxon



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