Baby First Year of Sleep Transformed into a Knitted Blanket

by Cristian I

The knitted blanket

When the kids eventually move out of the house, you will miss those moments.

Those times get treasured in your heart because they are one-on-one opportunities with the people who mean the most to you.

One father decided to turn his new son’s sleeping habits into a unique memory: a knitted blanket.

Infographic Sleep Blanket
Infographic Sleep Blanket

He Used the Baby Connect App to Create a Blanket

Seung Lee tracked his son’s sleeping schedule using the BabyConnect app.

It allows you to export data to CSV.

He chose to work in six-minute intervals when creating the design for his blanket.

Then Lee converted the CSV file into JSON using Python and the Google Apps Script.

This work resulted in a pattern that was well-suited for knitting.

You can see a series of frenetic lines at the top of the blanket.

This area indicates the unpredictable sleep schedule that happened as a newborn.

As Lee’s son starts to grow up some, then the lines turn into a regular pattern of columns.

Lee says that the blanket didn’t feel strong at first because of the different patterns at the top of the piece.

When he seemed everything together, the project gained in strength.

Then the removal of the stitch markers made it feel like a perfect result.

Baby Blankie
Baby Blankie

Lee Is Not a Knitter by Trade

Lee has a creative mind, but knitting is not how he makes money in the Seattle Area.

He is a coder, crafter, and comic artist.

When you look at his photo diary on Instagram, you can see that Lee is a loving father with a creative mind.

His tag is

“Cats. Foods. Crafts.”

That’s an excellent summary of what you will find on his account.

His website has not been updated since 2012, but you can see the development of his perspective over the time he was active.

You can find some updates on his Twitter account about the project.

Anyone has the ability to be artistic.

Some people can create an item that is personally meaningful that strikes a chord with the rest of the world.

That’s what this unique baby blanket did when he tracked his son’s sleep patterns for the first year.

The result of Fathers's work
The result of Fathers work
Sleep app design
Sleep app design
The export of son's sleep data
The export of son’s sleep data
Baby Cuddling in Father's Blanket
Son Cuddling in Father’s Blanket



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