Avatar Reborn Baby Doll for Sale Babyclon

by Cristian I

Avatar babies?

Avatar movie was and still is a huge success.

Every Sci-Fi fan can agree that there is no doubt about that.

However, a Spanish company named Babyclon, thought of using the movie hype to create something that is definitely intriguing.

The avatar baby dolls that you can easily mistake with real-life ones ( if avatars were to ever exist) and you might just think that James Cameron could be included them in the new movie Avatar 2.

Who knows?

The company produce also all kinds of real-life baby dolls not just Avatar’s like and their price for the scarily realistic Galaxy babies are in the range of 1800 €.

Yeah, this isn’t good news, but hey…one thing is for sure.

They won’t grow up to reach puberty.

You could imagine the hassle then.

One thing note mention is that you can customize these avatar baby dolls to include features like personalized hair, hyperrealistic eyes with your desired color, umbilical cord, or even a cute tail.

Et voila! You will have an unique character!

More info on company website Babyclon or Instagram profile.

Baby Avatar in Basket
Baby Avatar in Basket
The awake avatar baby
The awake avatar baby doll
Galaxy child
Galaxy child
Avatar models
Avatar baby models
The Galaxy Baby
The Galaxy Baby



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