Armillary Sphere Ring – The Astronomical 400-Year-Old Jewels

by Cristian I

400-Year-Old Jewels

People have looked up in the night sky since ancient times to wonder what might be waiting amongst the stars.

Astronomers have used models of what they see as a way to make mathematical and navigational calculations.

One of the most important inventions in history is the armillary sphere.

This technology suddenly gave stargazers a physical model that enable them to see the lines of longitude and latitude in the sky.

Chinese and Greek cultures developed armillary spheres independent of one another at virtually the same time.

The spherical rings would either center on the Sun or our planet to provide directional instruction.

By the 16th century, early entrepreneurs had shrunk the scientific armillary spheres into fashionable rings without compromising the movement of the technology.

Up to Eight Bands Were on These Rings

You can find several excellent examples of armillary spheres used as jewelry in the exhibits at the British Museum.

When they’re closed, then the product looks like any other ring that you might choose to wear.

If the different bands get fanned out for a full display, then you can quickly see the unique qualities of this idea.

These intricate pieces could have up to eight unique bands that directly replicated their larger counterparts.

If you had enough wealth at the time, then you could hire someone to engrave your jewelry with Zodiac signs or special inscriptions.

Most of the rings were made from 24k gold, which is why the examples kept behind glass in exhibits are so precious.

Can I Get an Astronomical Sphere Ring Like This Today?


The price of gold limits the number of individuals who possess the craftsmanship to make a modern version of a foldable ring.

Imagine the cost of a single wedding band without any gemstones, and then multiply that figure by eight to reach a potential retail price.

Companies like Black Adept, which is based in the NYC borough of Brooklyn, provides rings with three or four bands made in a variety of materials.

An 18K yellow gold ring in sizes 9-13 with four bands currently retails for over $1,200.

You can also choose from a variety of materials, including platinum, to create something that is individually unique and stunning.

Zodiac Symbol Ring
Zodiac Symbol Ring
Armillary Sphere Ring from British Musem
Armillary Sphere Ring from British Musem
17th-century foldable ring
17th-century foldable ring
17th-century foldable ring 2
17th-century foldable ring 2
Astronomic Ring
Astronomic Ring
Astronomic Ring 2
Astronomic Ring 2



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