Albert Einstein Bronze Bust Sculpture By Felix Velez

by Cristian I

The Bronze Einstein

You Can Get This Bronze Bust of Albert Einstein

If you have around $7,000 to spend, here’s a perfect idea: bring Albert Einstein into your home.

What is unique about this bronze bust of one of the world’s smartest men is that it is a life-sized creation.

Artist Felix Velez uses black walnut wood and granite for its pedestal, while the remainder features his outstanding metalwork.

Einstein’s sweater in this piece is an off-white color, reflecting the style the scientist wore throughout much of his life.

The entire piece weighs about 43 pounds.

You can even have the item shipped directly to your home.

Albert Einstein Bronze Sculpture
Albert Einstein Bronze Sculpture

Make History Become Modern

Felix Velez sees his artwork as being a combination of emotions, experiences, creative energy, and whatever else life throws into the mixer.

Most of his pieces focus on human nature or the environment, but he also loves to bring back history by creating life-like sculptures.

His Einstein bust is one of his signature pieces.

Velez says that when he works with any medium, including clay, it is essential to acknowledge the meaning behind the creative efforts.

Each topic plays a pivotal role in how the materials get shaped, even when working with metals or wood.

When an artist can work with their hands each day, life offers rewarding experiences. It’s an opportunity to capture a specific moment in time that lasts forever.

Velez says that sculpting items, such as his Einstein bust, enables him to continue embracing creativity without encountering obstacles or limits.

He is continuously looking for new ways to challenge his imagination.

Is $7,000 for a Sculpture a Little Out of Reach?

If you don’t have the cash for Einstein, consider having Amelia Earhart shipped to your home instead.

Her small bronze bust offered for sale is only ten inches high, making it a suitable addition to almost any table, shelf, or perch.

The work is similar to what Velez offers with his Einstein piece, including the coloration of Earhart’s helmet to create some contrast.

Several other sculptures are available for sale through for those who are interested.

Each item purchased from Velez comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

Artwork by Felix Velez
Artwork by Felix Velez
Side Einstein
Side Einstein
Einstein - From he Back
Einstein – From he Back



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