Washable Paper Bag

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Washable paper bags (Any Customize Colour).

These bags will add environment friendly green feel to your kitchen and will convert any open storage unit well organized.

Sizes available:

Height: 10cm / 4''
Base: 6x6cm / 2.3x2.3''

Height: 15cm / 6''
Base: 8x8cm / 3x3''

Height: 20cm / 7.5''
Base: 12x12cm / 4.5x4.5''

Height: 24cm / 9.5''
Base: 16x16cm / 6.3x6.3''

Height: 34cm / 13.5''
Base: 20x20cm / 7.8x7.8''

Height: 49cm / 19''
Base: 25x25cm / 9.8x9.8''

Any other Custom Size on request, please. Production time may take up to 3 days.

If used as a planter, please use waterproof pot inside, as the material becomes wet and can start to mould if under constant moisture.

❥ The Washable Paper is made out of natural cellulose fibre, green and renewable resource.
❥ It is hard wearing, flexible and abrasion resistance.
❥ It can be hand or machine washed with mild detergent.
❥ It is lightweight, dimensionally stable and will not shrink or stretch.
❥ It has leather like touch and feel.

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Nature kind lifestyle brand. Sustainable & stylish products made from washable paper.

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From Latvia


Mairita Jonikane

Nature kind lifestyle brand. Sustainable & stylish products made from washable paper.

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