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Hi. I'm Liz and I live in the beautiful county of Cheshire and I run Little Birdhouse Arts.

I trained as a professional actor and for well over 20 years loved touring the UK and Eastern Europe, driving a van full of actors, props, costumes, puppets, and masks, performing accessible theatre in a diverse range of settings in the most beautiful of countries in Europe, and being paid for the privilege.

Throughout this time, I worked within the avant-garde style of theatre, pushing the boundaries and creating extraordinary work. Designing and making masks, puppets, and props as well as performing visual theatre. The style of theatre has definitely carried through to my visual art.

I love pushing myself and collage is definitely my passion; I can be found upstairs in my studio at Chester Art Centre, tearing bits of fabric, shredding loads of paper, cutting copious amounts of cardboard, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary!

I exhibit my work within my studio and also mount an annual solo exhibition which is what I am working on at the moment. I am part of a community of artists known as PaCH (Place for Art In Chester). We take over empty shop buildings and transform them into gorgeous spaces full of art! PaCH also takes over empty buildings with the aim of creating affordable spaces for artists to work and run workshops.

I work in my studio every day and am influenced by my background working as a touring actor in the UK and Europe. I enjoy painting a whole range of work, which is quite dramatic, from realistic to abstract.

I really love experimental work and welcome commissions.


Professional artist and director of Little Birdhouse Arts Organisation. Liz is also Artist In Residence at Chester Art Centre.

Registered 11 months ago

From United Kingdom (UK)


Liz Taylor

Professional artist and director of Little Birdhouse Arts Organisation. Liz is also Artist In Residence…

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