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Photography has been a huge part of my life since high school when I bought my first professional camera. I started with film and I'm still quite attached. I really haven’t put cameras down since seeing that first roll develop in the dark room. I like to experiment with vintage cameras and professional film cameras, as well as high quality digital cameras.

Sizes start at 5x7 inches on archival paper with low reflection.

I attended both Portland Community College and Portland State University with a focus on fine arts, cinema, and photography. The combination of these subjects gave me a well rounded point of view and a knowledge of stylistic techniques that I try to apply every day.

Photo 1. Colorado Mountain Valley Wall Art Print
My most popular photo, this Colorado Mountain Valley Print features a gorgeous scene of a cloudy day high in the mountains of southern Colorado, outside Silverton and near Durango. It's a beautiful place to look at and dream about, wherever you are.
This would make a great center piece for any nature lover.

Photo 2. Colorado Snow Storm, Nature
This Colorado Snow Storm Fine Art Print features a view high in the trees during the first blizzard of the year in Southern Colorado. It was biting cold and our picture window view of this gorgeous scene couldn't have been better.
A great gift for any nature lover or Colorado native!

Photo 3. Joshua Tree, Southern California Fine Art Photo Print
This Joshua Tree print features an iconic scene in this beautiful National Park, including both its tell tail rock formations and namesake Joshua Trees. A great gift for any nature lover, explorer or dreamer!
LOCATION: Joshua Tree National Park, California

Photo 4. The Hanging Garden Nature Photography Art Print
This Dark, Reaching Tree Branches Photography, taken in Coastal Georgia, is a testament to the awesomeness of nature. Camping as much as I do, I see a lot of trees all over the country. My favorite by far are the big old gnarled root trees in the southern U.S. and this is one of my major favorites.
LOCATION: Skidaway Island State Park, Georgia

Photo 5. Tiny Mushroom in Moss, Botanical Wall Art Print
This Tiny Mushroom Fine Art Print is a beautiful and detailed photo of a tiny mushroom in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by moss in a cedar forest, it's the perfect scene for a northwest dream!
LOCATION: Northeast Washington Cedar Grove

Photo 6. The Virgin River Valley, Zion National Park Utah Photo Print
This Zion Utah Photography was taken on a hike in Zion National Park in Utah, one of my favorite parks with an interesting history and so much beauty. A great piece for any nature lover, rock climber, Utah Native or lover of the Southwest!
LOCATION: Zion National Park, Utah

Photo 7. Foggy Forest Creek, Yosemite National Park, California Photography
This Foggy Forest Creek print features a mystical looking scene in a northern California forest. A white stream of melted snow runs down the mountain on a rainy afternoon. This is a moody image that will inspire anyone with a love for the outdoors.
Location: Yosemite National Park, CA

Photo 8. The Summit, Colorado
The Summit Mountain Photography was taken high in the Rocky Mountains between Durango and Silverton during a snowmobiling trip, pretty much the only way to reach this place in the winter. It was so cold out even the heat of the snowmobiles didn't keep us warm but the views were worth it!
This photo would look amazing as a the centerpiece of your home, vacation cabin or anywhere where an image that takes you to a magical place is needed (everywhere!) Nature lovers will covet this lovely image!
LOCATION: Colorado

Photo 9. Seagull After the Storm
This Seagull After the Storm was taken during our time camping next to Lake Erie for a couple weeks. I spent a lot of time on this private little stretch of beach that could only be accessed by climbing down a cliff face. I spent my afternoons just acting like a kid. discovering things in the grit, building ant mansions, climbing shale and the like. The weather was beautiful, and so much like being next to the sea. One afternoon, after it rained for a bit, the sun shone through the clouds like it was raining rainbows and this lovely bird flew by on his way home. Perfect end to a perfect day.
LOCATION: Lake Eerie Beach, New York


Hi, I’m Amber "Katya" Anderson, Kat for short. I love getting lost in forests, ghost towns, cities and seeing new things. I never stop exploring the world around me. Getting lost isn't so bad when you do it on purpose!

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Amber Kat Anderson

Hi, I’m Amber "Katya" Anderson, Kat for short. I love getting lost in forests, ghost…

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