Mixed Media Paintings over Canvas

My paintings are the result of multiple images that have been in the storage of my memory for a number of years. Images that are eaten with the eyes and transformed by the hands. I complete them by combining pigments in different tones and making use of mixed media.
The spectator plays an important role on my paintings analyzing, meticulously through the window, a world of intimate obsessions. An enlightened “voyeur” who is hidden by translucent blinds that allow him/her to observe without deforming the image. The observer becomes an accomplice of myself.

Sensuousness is a constant in my work, which focuses on the direct or indirect representation of women. Sometimes as a sunbather, sometimes as a ballet dancer, but they are always placed in a natural environment, far removed from the standards imposed by publicity. Others, they embody a wave, or a fish, metaphor like that refers us to the initial intention, sensuousness.

In depicting feminine nakedness, my aim is to impose a brief but eternal instant of beauty, thereby seeking to dispel all the negative incarnations that surround our daily lives. Ethereal feminine presence ultimately stands out because, after all, art is a sublimation of reality.

Our mission is to create the largest art distribution network in the world to make art accessible everywhere to everyone. In this perspective, we:

• Assist our community of artists by providing them with turnkey services for rich and diversified exhibition and sales opportunities, and by supporting them throughout their artistic careers.
• Promote engaging artistic discovery through our online platform and our exhibiting venues that provide the opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore a variety of sources of inspiration and discover their artistic preferences.
• Provide our network of exhibition venues with a turnkey service to manage the exhibition process that will enhance their brand image through the selection and by showcasing local original artworks.
Gallea is local art, accessible everywhere.


Mexican-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC.

Registered 10 months ago

From Canada


Richard Alan Kent

Mexican-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC.

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