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Cheyenne Dean is a 28 year old artist based out of Rockford, Illinois. Born and raised in the Midwest without a whole lot to do, things like art and music became essential for keeping sanity levels in check.

Once the pandemic hit, music wasn't much of an option anymore due to social distancing and her autoimmune condition, so art became her main focus and she started her business.

Although you'll find that most of her works deal with paint on canvas, ink, or colored pencil, she'll often branch off and experiment with embroidery, sewing, knitting, or photography. Through her pieces, she likes to work through dreams and personal experiences as a way of coping with various emotions, thoughts, and troubles that come.

Growing up & being glued to Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and various YouTube animators, she took to the strange character art designs from artists like David Firth and John Dilworth. Enjoying the ominous feeling their art & stories gave her as a kid, she wanted to move on to encapsulate that into her own works. Not ever taking it seriously until senior year of H.S., she took a fundamental art course and moved on to community college with a focus on Graphic Design. Eventually dropping out, she went on to create a collection of paintings for Rockford's Fall Art Scene in 2015, showcasing her work for the first time.

Outside of her art life, Cheyenne has four beautiful cats and lives in Rockford with her boyfriend/best friend of over 12 years. She enjoys performing music and has been in a few local punk bands over the years playing the bass. She enjoys hiking, urban exploring, camping, horror related books, podcasts, movies, and shows.

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Mixed media artist. Commissions open! Sells paintings & prints.

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Cheyenne Dean

Mixed media artist. Commissions open! Sells paintings & prints.

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