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As my father late Sunder Lal Soni, was a musician and painter, during childhood, I used to devote most of my time to listening to classical music and the work in his paintings. Subsequently, I devoted my leisure time deeply to his paintings work. The expression of my inner feelings through paintings/collages gave me inner satisfaction apart from my engineering profession.

My father was a real inspiration in the development of my Art. I would often made sketches and water colors-paintings from nature & my surroundings.

I always utilize my inherent feelings of creativity and apply them in the field of art.
When I got time & opportunity I started working in the form of collages created by natural materials like dried flowers, leaves twigs, petals etc. Things that were discarded by nature to perish in time became a starting point for my mind. Natural materials to use as natural forms and textures to create my compositions.To suit my way of working i found a way to treat bark of palm tree leaves and make them my canvases.It became an interesting process of finding objects & rejuvenate them which offers a new life & identity in my compositions.
Nature is constant change, it's the human mind which immortalizes it and converts nature into art.

Accordingly, I define my College as"IMMORTALS"


* B E (HONS) Mechanical Engineering
* Elementary & Intermediate Drawings Exams from Sir J J School of Arts Mumbai


* Ex-DGQA Officer in Min of De fence
* Full time engaged in creation of "Collages"made from all natural materials
and related activities.


”Organic Art“. From only dried & sturdy natural ingredients on Bark-canvas Innovation of Art combines with Environment Protection

Registered 2 years ago

From India

Basant Soni

”Organic Art“. From only dried & sturdy natural ingredients on Bark-canvas Innovation of Art combines…

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