7 things you need to know about luxury knitted scarves

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Author: Diana I

This will be about handmade scarves my dear friends and why I love them! 😉

I’m going to tell you some interesting details about Leona’s unique hand knitted scarves.

But first let’s remember some things about crafted beauty. We like beauty and we like to be beautiful.

Since the oldest times, humans tried to create beautiful things for them and for communities.

Crafted by hands and heart, they did clothes, jewelry and all kind of accessories, trying to achieve the perfection.



luxurious woman



Even if we are living in modern times, the love for beauty has been inherited by all of us. Here we are, being amazed by human’s creations, especially when we are talking about creative handmade ideas.

Taking over some lessons from our ancestors, I concluded that is very important for the handmade clothes to be created from natural materials, with care for environment.

I’m sure taking care of our planet makes us all feel great and there is nothing better, right?

Hence, there are some things you need to know about Leona Creo ‘s crochet scarves:


Are environmentally friendly


There is no use of chemicals, synthetics or large manufacturing machines.
The materials are 100% natural. Wool fibers like Merino or Alpaca and all creation process place Leona Creo’s unique hand knitted scarves on the luxury segment of the market.



There are knitted scarves for women, knitted scarf for men and knitted scarf for children



Leona Creo’s handmade luxury scarves usage has the ability to change an entire look


Men’s scarf can be found and worn in many styles according its fibers, color or model.
Women’s silk scarves are absolutely gorgeous and they are really elegant.
Merino scarf or cashmere scarf is perfect either for women or for men.



They can be worn for a whole year


Not only in winter times, but also in summer times, thanks to the multitude of models and fibers.
You can choose a 100% merino wool scarf, a 100% cashmere scarf or a silk scarf.
The color is not an impediment. If you want a silk scarf white, you can find it in the store list. If you want a silk scarf black you can also find it in the store list.

Now we have to admit: men’s summer scarves are so fashionable and stylish! Men’s winter scarves are on the same position, of course 😀
But Merino wool scarves for women are gorgeous! And there is no doubt about it, especially because there is a range both for summer times and for winter times.

As a conclusion at this point, even if we are talking about a merino wool scarf for woman, a merino wool scarf for man, or even a merino wool scarf for a child, they have the ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.
And trust me: these feelings are the same when we have cashmere, alpaca or silk scarves.



They can be carried for many occasions


Even if you are going to the park, to the restaurant, to the conference or to the movie, you can find the proper handmade scarf for your need.



Why everyone needs beautiful handmade scarves?


Because these are great work of art and it’s cool to have them.



Handmade scarves are created with love and devotion by the crafts person


and these feelings are transferred to the wearer.

Thus a crafted scarf makes us feel special, surrounded by positive energy and personality.


How should it be your perfect scarf? I’m very curious to find out 🙂

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