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Author: Diana I

Mosaic art, mosaic tiles and the luxurious gift for kings

Mosaic Art Mosaic art is a unique and often beautiful form of art that has a long history and many uses. This classic style has remained popular throughout the years and there are many applications for mosaic art today. Whether used for personal, professional, or religious purposes, mosaic art can make for a fantastic addition to any home, business, or…

Alpaca wool – 9 important properties

What is alpaca wool? Alpaca wool is collected from alpaca animal, a small, slender member of the camel family. This is a camel species that is indigenous to South America. People often mistaken the alpaca for a llama because they have similar physical characteristics. If you were to ask the average person outside of South America what an alpaca was, they probably wouldn’t…

7 things you need to know about luxury knitted scarves

This will be about handmade scarves my dear friends and why I love them! 😉 I’m going to tell you some interesting details about Leona’s unique hand knitted scarves. But first let’s remember some things about crafted beauty. We like beauty and we like to be beautiful. Since the oldest times, humans tried to create beautiful things for them and for communities. Crafted…

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