Art History Timeline

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Author: Diana I

Art History Timeline and running back in time a little to see the big picture.

We can find art in every domain and we can even track it.

Even if we are talking about agriculture, architecture, food or automotive…art is everywhere.

And it has been here since ancestor times. Why? Because probably exists in humans blood.

We like beauty, and that’s why we want this to surround us.

A car can be named a piece of art? Yes, it can…starting with its technology and continue with its aspect.
Let’s leave the technology for the guys. We, girls, let’s be concerned more about the aspect. We deserve the most beautiful things in the world.

But what about food? Can food be named piece of art? Of course it can be named like that. Let’s think only at the combination of the ingredients that make those unique tastes. Thanks God we have chocolate! 🙄

And let’s not jump over fashion. This is an important art domain. Who can forget Coco Chanel? Girls, let’s not forget that thanks to her we wear pans. Coco was the first female who created in her collection pans for women. Of course…jean shorts weren’t a part of that collection. No problems Coco…we still appreciate you!

Architectural art. We can speak about it for a week and still not complete. Some of my favorites: Milan Cathedral, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Taj Mahal Mausoleum, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Statue of Liberty. And let’s not forget the contemporary architecture…Burj Khalifa, here we come! Keep a place for us on your top floor!

So…doesn’t matter what your domain activity is. If you have interest for art…

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